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Kneel Before Mistress Marah


My crystal-blue eyes will pierce through your soul to decipher your inner-most
hidden desires

I am the Woman you see from across the room but are too intimidated to approach.

I am She your mother warned of, and your father dreamed of.

I am the One you want so badly that your loins ache - yet would never dare to look Me in the Eye.

If you become fortunate enough to look into My Eyes, you will feel yourself drowning in the depths of the deep-blue unknown.

Not to worry, I will guide you to safe shores.

Sexy, Seductive Mistress Marah


I am beautiful and seductive, as well as intelligent and witty.

I use only the finest ingredients to care for my body. I take the utmost care in my health, and work out to remain strong and healthy.

I am feminine grace personified.

My body is a temple worthy of worship.

I will administer an aching sting with a maternal touch. Many men call Me a Goddess - yet I am much more.

I am tall, 5'10'' and with My heels on, well over 6'2''. I will tower over You!

My Vision


When you are ready, you will wholly give yourself unto Me - mind, body and soul. My pleasure is your pleasure.

Safe words, safety, and cleanliness are of extreme importance.

You are coming to Me to willfully submit your control. However, you retain one cord of that control in the form of a safe word.

We will thoroughly discuss any limitations you may have, in addition to your session interests.

I am interested in several areas of BDSM. Some of My favorites are bondage, corporal punishment, whipping, and leg scissoring.

"If fear is your only god,

then to have you fear Me is My only job."

Session Expertise

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Animal Training

Have you ever envied the carefree attitude of an animal? You are less than human, simply, My play thing. I will train you well...

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Watch as I delicatley hold My cigarette and expertly ash in your mouth.

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Ass Worship

My body is a temple. Bow down and devote yourself to Me.

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Ball Gag

Oh just shut up already!

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Ball Busting

Do you enjoy a bit of pain? Because the sound of My boot smacking against your balls can be very amusing to Me.

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One of My favorites! I love seeing you tied up, cuffed up, caged up, restrained and restricted.

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Candle Wax Play

Excite the senses and ignite the flame to experience hot, dripping, hardening wax.

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Can you handle it?

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Your nipples are just so beautiuly vulnerable. Can you blame Me for wanting to torture them?

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Corporal Punishment

I never tire of disciplining; and, My standards are high.

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Electrical Play

My eyes light up at the sight of elecricity moving from my hands to your skin.

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Face Sitting

When I need a seat, you better be there. Suffocate, or not - not My problem.

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Willingly or not, I can make you My bitch. Through Sissy School and back you go.

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What is it that makes you shake with excitement? Latex, plastic, furs, boots, tickling, smoking ashtray?

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Financial Slave

Yes, that's right! Clear it out - all out. Give it all to Me. Now's the time to prove yourself to Me.

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Fire Play

Fire is a fascination and mystery to all. A form of play that is absolutely exhilarating. I practice extremely safe methods.

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Foot Worship

Having My feet massaged and admired are pleasures I enjoy. Will I dress them up in nice boots? Or will I make you feel them un-shoed and bare?

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Human Furniture

Become less than human. An object only for My use.

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Oh the power of words... I command you to live out your most humiliating fantasies.

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Now I've got you captured! You are My victim. How long must I tortue you before you tell Me what I need to know? I have ways and methods.

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Leg Scissoring

My muscular legs will expertly crush your esophagus.

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Watch and appreciate My strict attention to the slightest detail. I'll wrap up each appendage until your are truly isolated from the world.

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Role Play

I give you permission to safely explore your various personae, allowing you a chance of higher realization and true expression.

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Sensory Deprivation

Bit-by-bit, I will mute your senses, systematically disconnecting you from the world. And through this, I give you the opportunity of true freedom. Restrained, deprived, and hidden; deeper and deeper you will climb into your own self.

Some Satisfied Servants

Viewing Room

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Mistress Marah with Fur

Fur Mistress

Mistress Marah with foot stool

My footstool

Mistress Marah and Fur

Fur & Lace Feel So Good

Mistress Marah Dominatrix - Jeans


Mistress Marah Dominatrix - Black Latex Dress


Mistress Marah and Latex


Mistress Marah and Lace


Mistress Marah and Lace


Mistress Marah - Latex Dress

I Command Thee...

Mistress Marah - Latex Dress

Ass Worship

Mistress Marah and Jeans


Mistress Marah - Latex Dress


Mistress Marah - Latex Dress

Play Hard

Mistress Marah - Fur Mistress



Mistress Marah

Be a good servant, and pay Homage to your Mistress.
I deserve only the best!

To give a Lady a gift shows...


To bestow gifts to Royalty represents...


To give your Mistress a gift expresses...


To pay homage is a characteristic of...

A good servant

Gifts of Adoration

Mistress Marah

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A Fur Fantasy

Pelze worked in a fur salon. Few people knew that her name “Pelze” means fur in German. Her mother was originally from Germany, was trained as a furrier and obviously, loved fur! She named her daughter Pelze and helped her get started in the fur business. Ever since she was a very little girl, Pelze was introduced to fur. Her mother had her wear real fur jackets, even at the age of around six. Later, she made fur outer garments for Pelze to wear including fur trimmed sweaters and even fur skirts. Pelze easily grew to love fur and the wonderful feeling of its softness! When Pelze was in her teens, her Mother made fur lined bras and underwear for her. Pelze loved those too and could not imagine wearing an undergarment that was not made of fur. Of course this produced tremendous arousal for Pelze but she loved it!

Peter's Fantasy

It started as just an ordinary Friday evening at my most favorite Irish pub when I first met Peter. He was sitting at the bar, and before long, we struck up a conversation and introduced ourselves. We talked about the usual things — you know, like, where we're from, the type of jobs we had, what kind of sports we enjoyed — things like that. We even talked about our families, and so forth. And as it turned out, we were similar in several ways. We were both single, neither one of us was very interested in sports, we were both into some interesting good books, and we liked seeing good movies. We both even shared an interest for attending theatre events. Furthermore, we were both shy (especially when we were in the company of women), and really had very little social activity throughout both of our schooling (including highschool & college), and for quite some time afterwards. Anyways, talking about our jobs, Peter went on to explain that he was a partner in a company that brought men and women together — for a variety of pleasures. This really piqued my interest. Here's what he told me about how he got into this business.

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