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Mistress Marah

"L.A. — I'm coming for you!"

By Mistress Marah | February 22, 2018 | 18

I’ve been relaxing this week with foot massages and fresh juices before getting back on the road. Chicago was amazing. I absolutely love that city and always meet great clients while there.

At the end of this month, I’ll be sharpening My skills with one of My favorite rope tiers. I’m lucky to be able to see Lady Chiaki ( while She's in the U.S.

Mistress Marah

New Year 2018 Travels

By Mistress Marah | January, 01 2018 | 159




Can't you feel how badly you need to experience an appointment with Me? you and I both know it - W/we both know your dirty secret. Don't worry, I will keep it.

As you read this, you're wanting more and more to book an appointment with Me. your opportunity is January 9 - 22 in Chicago.

Mistress Marah at outside cafe

Summer Travels 2017

By Mistress Marah | July, 28 2017 | 840

***I have limited availability in New York from Saturday, July 29 — Monday, July 31.


Utilizing the professional and gorgeous dungeon Parthenon in Manhattan.

I’m a traveller at heart. Since I was 14, I went where the wind took Me…

Mistress Marah at DomCon-L.A.

DomCon LA 2017

By Mistress Marah | May 15, 2017 | 580

I’m breaking out of My vacation to attend DomCon LA!

Mistress Marah

February Travels

By Mistress Marah | Feb 10, 2017 | 55

I’ve become a travelling Queen! Accepting sessions for a month and then taking time off before sessioning again suits Me perfectly. There are places I like to work, and places I like to rest. For example, in July I’ll be meeting subs in New York City and in August I’ll be resting in...

Mistress Marah

Atlanta Dungeon

By Mistress Marah | Nov 21, 2016 | 76

Atlanta, oh how I’ve missed you!

I’m excited to announce that I will be available for sessions November 26th to December 4th.

Mistress Marah

Inner Circle

By Mistress Marah | Nov 10, 2016 | 85

As a Domme who has been meeting with clients in individual sessions for many years, I’m beginning to want a shift. One session is so quick and painless. I hardly have any time to teach My sub how to serve Me and cultivate it the way I like to cultivate My toys. The main point out of meeting with a Domme is to be who She needs you to be. My subs support Me, hold Me up and take care of Me.

I am as strong as those who form My foundation. Those who desire to support Me play a vital role. Do you desire to support Me?

Mistress Marah

Travel and More Travel

By Mistress Marah | July 10, 2016 | 122

Travel, travel, and more travel. July has been fun filled with visits to Atlanta and next up Chicago. August will be even busier with a month long trip to Honolulu.

I've had an amazing time meeting with subs in Atlanta. It's always a pleasure to Dominate someone who has served Me for years. Not to mention the joy that comes from turning out a newbie sub, ahhh, priceless.

Furry Bunny

Texture Sensations

By Mistress Marah | May 21, 2016 | 167

Something soft, something prickly, something rough, something smooth. Oh, all the endless fun I can have running these textures over you!

When I’m shopping for something new, perusing through the racks, I touch absolutely everything. With any purchase, texture is a central consideration for Me.

Dominating Chicago

Dominating Chicago

By Mistress Marah | November 25, 2015 | 628

Chicago — they call it the windy city. At this time of the year, what a chill, like an icy dagger stabbing straight to your heart. It’s a city that does not have time for bullshit.

In many ways, Chicago reminds Me of Myself and it’s only fitting that I meet submissives in the Chicago area during this chilly time of the year.

Marah Mistress

The Roots of Marah Mistress

By Mistress Marah | October 30, 2015 | 1342

I can still remember the first submissive I ever sessioned with. It was 7 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. My little bitch wanted to be tied up and left. He loved escape scenes, kidnapping scenes, rope bondage, teasing, humiliation, etc. He taught Me how to hog tie and humiliate him the way he liked. I loved the fact that he would give Me $400 to simply tie him up, humiliate him for a couple minutes, and then leave him there.

Maison de la Maitresse, Mistress Morgana Maye

Maison de la Maitresse

By Mistress Marah | September, 2015 | 364

The seasons are changing. Summer turned to fall and fall will soon ease into winter. I too am easing back into work. It's been an amazing summer travelling through California. I’m so glad that I decided to visit My old stomping grounds, San Francisco. What a breath of fresh air; a bdsm scene that is living, breathing, and glowing with so much going on.

After A Session: The Come Down

By Mistress Marah | February, 2015 | 641

The experience of leading a sub with focused attention through the shadow world and back can be both an exhilirating and exhaustive act. Therefore, after a session, don’t bother your Mistress with too many questions, or unnecessary chatter. She will likely want to decompress and appreciate that which you both just experienced. Wait, at least until the next day. And definitely send Her an email letting Her know about your experience in the session.

Session Etiquette

By Mistress Marah | January, 2015 | 420

Arrive promptly. The Mistress' time is invaluable. This can not be overstated. To be late without properly informing your Mistress is disrespectful to your self and to Her. Before and after arriving, it is pertinent to exactly follow the instructions the Mistress gives you. When She lets you know that She is ready for you, only then are you allowed into her confines. The first thing will be, of course, to pay your Mistress for Her time. She will then instruct you as to your next actions.

Book a Domme

Booking with a Professional Domme

By Mistress Marah | December, 2014 | 823

Many subs who haven’t met with a professional Dominatrix don’t quite understand how to approach and book with the Mistress of their choosing. For starters, there are many tips that will be relevant across the board for all Dominatrices. There are other tips that are specific to each Domme. It is up to you, the sub, to do the proper research and learn the way to approach the Mistress of your choosing. More than likely, the Domme will have Her own protocol in regard to scheduling a session.