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How to Book with a Professional Dominatrix

By Mistress Marah | Dec 5th, 2014 | 823 |

Many subs who haven’t met with a professional Dominatrix don’t quite understand how to approach and book with the Mistress of their choosing. For starters, there are many tips that will be relevant across the board for all Dommes. There are other tips that are specific to each Domme. It is up to you, the sub, to do the proper research and learn the way to approach the Mistress of your choosing. More than likely, the Domme will have Her own protocol in regard to scheduling a session.

An established Domme will never book your first appointment over text message. We need to know essential personal details, preferences, and limits. It is respectful to send an email. Be clear and concise about your interests. When calling, it is respectful to ask if She is available before blabbering away. Stick to the business at hand. The Mistress will no doubt be extremely busy and usually right in the middle of something. Make sure you are in private so that no one is overhearing your conversation. The Mistress will ask about session interests and limits. She will tell you Her hourly rate, don’t try to negotiate the rate or bargain. This will do nothing but displease the Mistress. If you don’t have the amount, then wait and save up before calling.

More specific guidelines will be different depending on each Mistress. For example, texting, hours of operation, deposit or not, how much notice for an appointment, and cancellation fee are all subject to vary. Most Mistresses will have instructions posted. Make sure to read through the instructions.

My personal protocol for booking an appointment is:

  • Fill out the form on My site and submit.
  • For same day sessions you may call Me.
  • I require at least an hour and a half (90 min) notice for same day sessions.
  • I require a deposit ONLY for sessions that are over 6 hours long or if you've consistently made an appointment and then cancelled.
  • When speaking to Me on the phone, answer My questions and follow My direction.
  • You will be required to call 90 minutes prior to the appointed time to confirm.
  • If you cancel after you have already confirmed, it is respectful to offer a payment of half the session rate.
  • I am available to meet between the hours of 10 am to 10 pm.
  • I will never respond to texts. I will not answer blocked numbers.

It is My hope that this post will bring more depth to your understanding of how to book with a professional Domme. You should now have some questions clarified as well as know what information to be on the lookout for.

It is up to you, the sub, to do the proper research and learn the way to approach the Mistress of your choosing.



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