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Inner Circle

Inner Circle

By Mistress Marah | November 10, 2016 | 85 |

As a Domme who has been meeting with clients in individual sessions for many years, I’m beginning to want a shift. One session is so quick and painless. I hardly have any time to teach My sub how to serve Me and cultivate it the way I like to cultivate My toys. Meeting the needs of your Mistress should be the main focal point of your existence. My subs support Me, hold Me up and take care of Me.

I am as strong as those who form My foundation. Those who desire to support Me play a vital role. Do you desire to support Me?

I am currently looking for three, and only three, select slaves to add to My Inner Circle.

I will hold interviews to see what toy makes the cut! There will be tasks to test who will be the best fit for each position.

If you think you are a candidate, email Me at

financial slave

I have several responsibilities and projects that I work on. All of them take money! I’m always open for a paypig to donate a monthly paycheck to support Me and My lifestyle. Put your money to good use and I will fill your life with purpose.

personal driver

  • has a clean driving record
  • has a clean background check
  • has lots of free time to be at My disposal
  • has a comfortable vehicle

personal shopper

  • knows and understands My style
  • has a love for fashion
  • knows every curve of My body
  • knows all of My sizes and favorite designers memorized by heart
  • purchases outfits specific to events, trips, shoots, and seasons

personal errand slave

  • run My things to the dry cleaners
  • pick up groceries, items and any little treats that I want throughout the day or night

Each position is uniquely beautiful and vital. Each position requires the sub to have a specific set of skills and tools. These roles can be performed at a distance or in person.

I’d love to find a long lasting relationship with a sub who I can train and cultivate on a deep level.



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