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Maison de la Maitresse

By Mistress Marah | Sept 5th, 2015 | 364 |

The seasons are changing. Summer turned to fall and fall will soon ease into winter. I too am easing back into work. It's been an amazing summer travelling through California. I’m so glad that I decided to visit My old stomping grounds, San Francisco. What a breath of fresh air; a bdsm scene that is living, breathing, and glowing with so much going on.

I had the pleasure of meeting Mistress Morgana Maye. Her space, Maison de la Maitresse, is truly gorgeous. I became very comfortable atop the cushy throne, got creative and out of breath with the wall of ropes, but the classroom was one of My favorite spaces. It’s fully equipped with an old fashioned wooden desk, just like when you were a kid. Perfection for role play and so many evil deeds, I’m smiling just thinking of it. I would love to have had more time there to delve into the mummification and sensory deprivation bags, a favorite of Mine. Yet something must always be saved for the next visit…

Not only is la Maison all a wicked Domme could ask for, but there’s more. The community of resident Domme’s is full of wonderful, intelligent, strong, passionate Women. There are many highly skilled Domina’s who utilize this elegant play space. It is a home I would highly recommend to any sub in or around the bay area.

I stayed in California for a bit of a rest after leaving San Francisco. Now I’m back in Atlanta. I’m so glad to catch up with My Sister’s at the Atlanta Dungeon and catch up on all the training My subs have been missing through the summer.

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