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The Roots of Marah Mistress

By Mistress Marah | Oct 30th, 2015 | 1342 |

I can still remember the first submissive I ever sessioned with. It was 7 years ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. My little bitch wanted to be tied up and left. He loved escape scenes, kidnapping scenes, rope bondage, teasing, humiliation etc. He taught Me how to hog tie and humiliate him the way he liked. I loved the fact that he would give Me $400 to simply tie him up, humiliate him for a couple minutes, and then leave him there. He wanted to have scissors kept across the room. When I left he would go into survival mode and inch his way to the scissors to try to cut his self out. Many times he could get out of the tightest, most restrictive ties. I thought of him as a bitch macgyver. Yet many times, I would return after 4-6 hours to find that he couldn’t get out of My tie. Those were My proudest moments. No matter how much struggle, My tie held.

I was always very curious to discover where his desires originated from. He said that as a child, his cousins tied him up and teased him. He loved re-enacting these scenes, the teasing, humiliation, restriction, and taunting. Perhaps it was all to conquer the memory by replaying it and escaping the bondage. Or perhaps he began enjoying the role his cousins had placed him in, thereby craving it more and more.

Whatever the origin may be, I miss O/our rope bondage, hog ties, kidnapping scenes, hanging him from trees and I miss Hawaii. If you’re reading this My dear, I’ll return one day soon and I’ll be back to tie you up and leave you there to struggle like a little bitch!

From that day on, I have loved meeting people with fetishes. Submissives were and are attracted to Me and have loved showing Me their specific interests. My sessions were a series of texture fetishes, roleplay, piercings, pantyhose fetishes, jiu jitsu choke holds, financial slaves, humiliation subs, sissy sluts and many more. My sessions these days usually involve rope ties and whipping.

Moving to Atlanta provided a gorgeous Dungeon and group of Domme Sisters to be included among and learn from, and for that I am grateful.

Always enjoying what I do, and always enjoying the ever entertaining submissives who cross My path.

You may always check My site, blog, Twitter, or ads to see My traveling schedule.



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