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Summer Travels

By Mistress Marah | July 28, 2017 | 840 |

***I have limited availability in New York from Saturday, July 29 — Monday, July 31.


Utilizing the professional and gorgeous dungeon Parthenon in Manhattan.

I’m a traveller at heart. Since I was 14, I went where the wind took Me. Never staying in one place too long, I was able to develope different trades, learn about other cultures, languages, and ways of living. People have always been a fascination of Mine, whether it be the anatomy and physiology of the human body to the intricate mazes and depth of the mind, to the expansive warmth of the heart or simply watching people’s day to day; the way they live calculate and add things up. It all utterly fascinates Me. Travelling has always been an opportunity for Me to experience this fascination and learn so much.

I’ve been on yet another trip visiting Atlanta last month. I was able to see clients who have served Me many times as well as many newbies. A little filming with My Sister’s and great time seeing family. Then I was off to Chicago. One of My absolute favorite places to work and play. And now New York before heading to Paris. This is My first time working in the big apple. I could spend days upon days shopping, eating out, and checking out the variety of cultural neighborhoods that the city has to offer. I love the place and I’ve only had a taste. I feel like I could spend a lot more time here. But I’ll be flying off to Paris on Monday night.

This is My last weekend in New York. Clients, subs and slaves have given Me a warm welcome and assisted in creating an amazing stay here. If you haven’t booked yet, do it quickly! I have slots open through the weekend and Monday.

Keep in mind, if you want to be My service slave you must go through an interview. I think of it more as a meet and greet where I can discover how you’ll be of best use to Me and familiarize Myself with someone who will be close to Me.



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