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Furry Bunny

Texture Sensations

By Mistress Marah | May 21, 2016 | 167 |

Something soft, something prickly, something rough, something smooth. Oh, all the endless fun I can have running these textures over you!

When I’m shopping for something new, perusing through the racks, I touch absolutely everything. With any purchase, texture is a central consideration for Me. I glide My palm over every article of clothing, touch My fingertips to the fabric, and sometimes I’ll even rub My cheek on it! Touching the various textures sends Me sensations. Sometimes, these sensations makes Me feel excited, pumping a rush of endorphins through My veins. The entire world opens up, and I feel so good. Sooo good, that I want more that feels like it — sensory overload!

As humans, we need to be touched — and to touch others. It is a biologically necessary form of stimulation. Every nerve in the body outputs through your hands and feet. Our entire skin is covered with nerves sending signals to our brain. We were created to use our hands in identifying the world around us. As we touch, or are touched, we go through a variety of emotions and nerve impulses. I make it a must to grace My body and surround Myself with textures of fabrics that are soft, silky, and smooth — these are My favorite sensations.

As I stand over you, and move a piece of fur over your body, your mind and body is delightfully stimulated. A touch on your palm triggers the part of the brain related to touch. A touch on your forearm triggers the part of the brain that stimulates emotion. A Texture Session with Me is akin to going through an exciting and emotional journey. Feel Me alternating between the sharp prick of vampire gloves or wartenburg wheel and the softness of fur and/or velvet. With these touches to the different parts of your body, I’m sparking areas of your brain, creating arousing emotions, producing endorphins, and stimulating touch receptors. Oh, how much fun I am having teasing you in this way!



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