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Travel and More Travel

By Mistress Marah | July 10, 2016 | 122 |

Travel, travel, and more travel. July has been fun filled with visits to Atlanta and next up Chicago. August will be even busier with a month long trip to Honolulu.

I've had an amazing time meeting with subs in Atlanta. It's always a pleasure to Dominate someone who has served Me for years. Not to mention the joy that comes from turning out a newbie sub, ahhh, priceless.

I am now on My way to one of My favorite cities, Chicago. I look forward to Dominating obedient subs from the past, and training new ones.

If you're in Chicago and ready to serve Me, email Me. Support Me while you can. Serve Me while you can. Gift Me while you can. Before you know it, I'll be off to a new city. I only bring My dearest slaves along for the ride!



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