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Featured Writing: Peter's Fantasy

By Mistress Marah's Fur Slave | April 10, 2015 | 7 |

Paul's Story

Chapter I

It started as just an ordinary Friday evening at my most favorite Irish pub when I first met Peter. He was sitting at the bar, and before long, we struck up a conversation and introduced ourselves. We talked about the usual things — you know, like, where we're from, the type of jobs we had, what kind of sports we enjoyed — things like that. We even talked about our families, and so forth. And as it turned out, we were similar in several ways. We were both single, neither one of us was very interested in sports, we were both into some interesting good books, and we liked seeing good movies. We both even shared an interest for attending theatre events. Furthermore, we were both shy (especially when we were in the company of women), and really had very little social activity throughout both of our schooling (including highschool & college), and for quite some time afterwards. Anyways, talking about our jobs, Peter went on to explain that he was a partner in a company that brought men and women together — for a variety of pleasures. This really piqued my interest. Here's what he told me about how he got into this business.

He then told me that several years ago, he had met a woman who took a liking to him and would not let him go. “She was quite an attractive woman, which surprised me, because very few women ever had any interest in being with me.” As time continued that became very much together, and since she had an interest in the starting a business, she thought that they should do it together. We are continuing to build our company by providing a variety of services. We have local men and men who visit our City on a regular basis and we provide the social services and suggestions about our restaurants and other activities as well. “Well, I think it sounds if you are doing very well.” He acknowledged my comment and left it that.

A few weeks later, and after I had done some research just for the sake of curiosity, I met Peter once again at the bar. I told him that I learned a little more about his business. “Well now, I hope you can give me some advice since I am a local who is lonely, and would certainly enjoy the pleasures you have described.” He then told me that they not only had beautiful women who are escorts with whom you will enjoy, but we also have a facility where the women are in complete control and will require services from you. I asked him about these services, and he told me that they were very demanding, and since you are under their control, we have not interfere with whatever takes place. Perhaps you may want to talk with my partner if you wish regarding this matter. He gave me her number and advised me to call her. I thanked him, and then the conversation began with respect to the normal conversation of what was going on in the world.

For the next several weeks I thought about what I should do. I didn’t think I was interested in the escorts, because it was like dating, and I had never had too much success regarding that activity. Perhaps, as Peter suggested, I should at least talk with his partner and learn more about the alternative that was available.

The following day, I did indeed call Peter’s partner. Her secretary answered and I asked her if I could make an appointment with Peter’s partner some time later in the week. She paused and then informed me that there was an opening at 9:00 A. M. the following day. She also informed me of their office location, and that her name was Victoria.

I promptly arrive at 8:45 A. M. and the Secretary told me that Victoria would be in just a few minutes. I sat down and waited until the Secretary received a call and she turned to me and asked me to follow her into Victoria’s Office. When she got up from behind the desk, I was surprised to say the least. Victoria was at least six feet tall with a figure that was to die for. She was beautiful body. She sat down in front of the day and I was seated across from her. When she crossed her legs, she was gorgeous. She asked me to tell her what kind of interest you have regarding your activities. “Peter told me that you have a number of women who are engaged as escorts for both local and visiting men. He also said that you have some other women who were more engaged in activities that they control for their pleasure”. She told me that that I very professional facility with women who are very sophisticated and demanding. If you would like to talk with one of our women so that you may know what to expect if you decide to participate with her services. I thought about that for a few minutes, and told her that I thought that was a good idea. “Well that’s fine” she said, “I’ll have my secretary ask one of our women to come up to the office.”

While we waited she asked him for his name and he told her it was Paul. And then, a woman entered the office and she was very tall with very long legs, and she showed off all of her assets, smiled, and sat down near me. Victoria introduced her as Katherine who looked at me with a smile and asked me what my interests might be. “I really don’t know what I’m looking forward, but I am certainly willing to learn from you what you think might be enjoyable for both of us.” “Well”, she said, “I am impressed that you are willing to consider a variety of activities. Perhaps, you might want to make an appointment, and I could tell you more about the alternatives that are available.” I thought that was a good idea, so I asked her, “When we could arrange the appointment?” She smiled and told him that she had some time later today and perhaps 3:00 P. M. would be satisfactory for me if it is for you. “Yes, that’s fine, I replied.” Victoria stood up and thanked me for the visit. I’m sure you will have a very interesting afternoon Paul, and I know that Katherine will provide with the additional information that you had requested.

Chapter II

I arrived at Katherine’s Office promptly at 3:00 P. M and was invited into her office immediately. She was in a chair in front of her desk and asked me to sit down as well. “Now Paul I‘m going to teach you how to please me. It will be something that you have never thought about, and if it is something that is not something that you don’t want to do, it’s okay with me. However, it is something that you may want to do, it will be my pleasure and hopefully it will be your pleasure also.” I thought about it, but I decided that it was something worthwhile trying. “Katherine, I think that I would like to be your student and I will do my best to please you.” “I’m happy to hear that,” she said, but from now forward you will address me as Mistress Katherine, and you will be punished if you fail to do so.” I told her I understood.

“That’s good” she said with a smile as she got out of her chair. “Next on our review is the part of our facility where we train the Ladies who have an interest in becoming a professional Dominatrix and employee of the other side of our business. And in order to train these women, we have to employ men who are employed to serve the role of the submissive man who has an interest in this form of sexual activity. You would be surprised about how many thousands of men are interested in being the slave of a Dominant Woman. And from our experience, this part of our business is even more profitable than the income from the other side of our business. I’m now going to take you to the Dungeon so that you will get the idea.”

She then told me to follow her and she opened the door to a large room with a variety of different kinds of equipment. She explained to me that the equipment such as the bench and the X cross were used to confine the slave so that he was helpless. There were mirrors on the walls so that the slave would be able to see what was behind him. On another wall, there were a number of instruments that included a variety of whips and straps. The Dominant Woman would then select the instrument of her choice and use it to lash the slave as a form of punishment. The intensity of the lash would be based upon both the Woman and the whip she used. There were also a variety of ways to punish the slave with many different kinds of things. There were ropes, chains, spreader bars, clips that will pinch certain parts of the slave’s body and many other ways of creating pain as well.

In addition, the slave may be required to serve the Dominant Woman, by requiring him to be her toilet. She then led me to a small room that was designed as a bathroom. However, there was no plumbing. She showed me two kinds of chairs that were used with conventional toilet seats. However, there was no plumbing, and under the chair there would be a bowl. Or in the alternative, the other kind of chair, the slave would be tied to the legs to the chair with his face directly under the toilet seat. Women, of course, have to use toilets from time to time, and the slave is to serve her when she finds herself to be in need of relief. There are many different things that she may require including disposing of what she left either in the bowl or what was all over your face. There are many men who will beg to serve their woman in this manner, but others would wish not to participate in this activity, and will not be required to do so.

We do have rules that limit the activities that are agreed upon during the discussion before any activity is engaged. We also require that the Submissive Man will always have a Safe Word if any activity is too severe or an activity in which he has no interest. The ultimate result is that the Client (Slave) is to be treated carefully and that he will be pleased with the event. We are here to harm anyone, and we are very care full not to do so.

When we finished the review, we returned to her office, and she asked me if he was interested in becoming an employee and participate in the training, or would you prefer, you may become a client if you choose to do so. I told her that I enjoyed learning about what you have told me and described and I would like a day or two to think about it, and I may even want to talk with Peter as well. “That’s fine Paul. I understand completely. In either case, it has been a pleasure to have met you, and I do hope that I will see you again as either our employee or our client.

Chapter III

The following day, I called Peter and told him about my meeting with Katherine. He was pleased to hear that everything went so well. We agreed to meet that evening so that I could talk with him about what was best for me to do. That evening, after a very enjoyable conversation, we agreed that I should make an appointment as a client and he would arrange it with Katherine who would be very happy to introduce you our service. A few days later, he called me and informed me of the date. He also told me that the service would be for a period of three hours so that you and Katherine would be comfortable together.

Chapter IV

Upon my arrival at the appointed time, Katherine’s assistant took me into a small room adjacent to the Dungeon, and instructed me to take off all my clothes and get on my knees. She told me that Katherine with be with you in a few minutes. It was just a few minutes when she entered, and I looked up, I was surprised to see what she was wearing. She had only her very high heels, stockings, and a garter belt. She had a body to die for and I was immediately excited. She looked down at me with a smile. “Paul, from now until we finish, you are going to be my slave. You will do whatever I tell you to do without any comment. I will give you your safe word, and if I require something that is not acceptable, you may let me know. However, I will be disappointed if that happens. Always remember, that if you service does not rise to my expectations, you will be punished. However, since is your first session, I will cut you some slack!” Now, crawl over to me and place your face, mouth, and tongue on my shoes and lick them and make sure that you do a very good job.”

I placed my face and mouth on the toe of her shoe and began to lick her shoe. She moved her leg around so that I was able to lick every part of the shoe. She then instructed me to do the same licking to her other shoe. When that was completed, she placed a collar around my neck,and then placed a leash to the collar and pulled me gently into the middle of the room. She told me to stand up and immediately began to tie my balls and my penus to my collar. She also placed a spreader bar between my ankles, and then tied my balls and penus to the bar. I was uncomfortable, to say the least, but I was totally helpless. She looked at me with a great big smile. “You belong to me completely,” she laughed. “You cannot do anything now, and I can do anything and everything I choose to do with you that will please me!”

She then walked over to a bench and placed in front of me facing a mirror. “I’m going to place you on this bench, Paul, so that you can see what his going on with respect to your ass.” As soon as she completed placing me and placing cuffs on my wrists which she connected to a device at the corner of the bench. I watched as she walked over to the wall with the whips, and selected, what I was to learn about later, a single tail snake whip. “Now, Paul, I’m going to give you a spanking with my hand just to warm up your ass before I begin to use the Snake Whip.” And I felt her hand strike my ass and several strikes thereafter.

By the time she finished, I felt the heat she created just with her had. And then I saw her pick up the Whip and I heard the whip crack twice, before I saw her raise the whip and swing it forward and then I felt the crack when it hit my ass. It hurt, but I was unable to squirm to any extent, and then I felt the next crack and felt the sting as it hit my ass. My ass was beginning to feeling the burn as the whip struck my ass, and each time it was more painful. When she completed the ten lashes, she paused, and walked in front of me. “Are you doing okay”, she asked, and told her that it was painful but it was okay.

“Well then, I’m going to select another instrument, which she did, and placed it in front of my mouth and told me to kiss it. “This, Paul, is a leather Quirt, and will feel somewhat different when it lands on your ass.” She watched him squirm and delivered the first stroke. She heard a soft moan, and then delivered the next four strokes. “Stop squirming and trying to avoid the whip” she said, “and I don’t want to hear any of your moans, or pleading, either”. He looked into the mirror and saw her smile as she raised her arm and delivered five more strokes as she watched him try to avoid the Whip. She walked in front of him and smiled and laughed. She then walked over to the Whips which were on the wall, and selected a Bull Whip. She showed it to him and told him that she always leaves the best to be the last. “Now, Paul, I am going to give you ten strokes with this Bull Whip, and you can cry, plead, beg, or even scream. The first five will be firm, and I’ll give you a little rest. Then I’m going to give that last five strokes that are going will be very hard, and I want to hear you, and watch wiggle and squirm as the whip strikes your ass. He begged her not to beat him, but she just laughed and told him that there was no mercy, and she proceeded to give him the lashes just as she had described.

When she walked in front of him, she saw the tears, and she turned around and pressed her ass against his face and told him to kiss her ass and lick her ass. “Do a good job Paul, or I might just give you another ten strokes just for the fun”, she laughed.

Paul placed his face and then his lips and began to kiss her ass and then continued to kiss ass and lick her ass with his tongue. “You are doing quite well, but keep up the good work even when I start to wiggle my ass”, she giggled, and she began to wiggle her ass and he had to work even harder to keep kissing and licking her ass as she wiggled back and forth. “You did quite well, Paul, but are now going on to our next adventure.

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