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Featured Writing: A Fur Fantasy

By Mistress Marah's Fur Slave | April 10, 2015 | 7 |

Meeting at the Fur Salon

Pelze worked in a fur salon. Few people knew that her name “Pelze” means fur in German. Her mother was originally from Germany, was trained as a furrier and obviously, loved fur! She named her daughter Pelze and helped her get started in the fur business. Ever since she was a very little girl, Pelze was introduced to fur. Her mother had her wear real fur jackets, even at the age of around six. Later, she made fur outer garments for Pelze to wear including fur trimmed sweaters and even fur skirts. Pelze easily grew to love fur and the wonderful feeling of its softness! When Pelze was in her teens, her Mother made fur lined bras and underwear for her. Pelze loved those too and could not imagine wearing an undergarment that was not made of fur. Of course this produced tremendous arousal for Pelze but she loved it!

Pelze was gorgeous and had been blessed with a nice petite body. She kind of wished she had larger breasts but felt that it not deter from her appeal to others. She had long, flowing, beautiful hair that was black as coal. She kept it so clean and it always looked shiny and beautiful. She received many compliments from men and women. She also loved how her hair looked when it gently fell on a fur she wore. Her Mother had taught her how to make the fur-lined bra and underwear so she could make them for herself or others.

Pelze was bi-sexual and enjoyed relations with both men and women. Of course her relations would always be with someone who had a mutual love of fur. If a person was not interested in fur, Pelze would have no interest in that individual. But she had met a number of people, both men and women, who liked fur and grew to love it as she did! Sometimes, it might be a person who Pelze would introduce to the wonderful sensuality of fur but mostly, those people became fur lovers themselves.

Pelze was 30 years old now and had no desire to get married unless she found a man who was very nice and loved fur as passionately as she. She had worked in this fur salon for 5 years. She was not the manager as she wanted to continue to be on the floor, selling furs and not to do management full-time. So, she was the assistant manager and spent most of her time on the floor as a salesperson. The manager’s name was Stella. Stella loved that Pelze was good at selling and left her alone. She was also very pleased with Pelze being the assistant and understood that she wished to sell most of the time. Stella liked fur of course but did not share in it sexually, as Pelze did. Pelze had thought many times about trying to introduce her to the pleasure of fur in that way, but had not. There was another full-time employee whose name was Allison. Allison was not really passionate about furs and only was interested in selling and making commission. But she did a good job and was successful in high sales. There was a small staff that did repairs and alterations. Pelze probably knew more about doing this than they, but anything she wanted to have done for herself, she would do at home as she had the necessary equipment.

Usually at Christmas time, Stella would hire a part-time employee to help during the holidays. In the past, they had been lucky, hiring very good people. Mostly, the people hired had been women. Stella wanted that to change this year. She asked Pelze what she thought. “Pelze, what do you think about me hiring a man as the part-time employee this year?” “I think it would be a great idea Stella! I think it would be good to have some diversity and perhaps there would be customers who would prefer a man to help them. Do you have any male applicants?” she asked. “I agree Pelze and yes, I did have a man who applied. I was going it interview tomorrow. Would you like to be present?” “Well maybe, it depends on how busy I am but I trust your judgment,” Pelze said. Secretly, she was very excited at the thought of having a man work there and would be interested in possibly experiencing fur, mutually.

Pelze went home that night still thinking of having a man in the salon. She was becoming aroused! After dinner, as usual, she lay on her fur-covered bed to play with her furs. She did this most every night and some nights, she would have a companion but not always. Her fur bedspread was made of chinchilla fur! It was so thick and so soft, just the anticipation of laying on it, made Pelze hot! She got into her closet and took out a reversible, sheared mink coat with a huge sable collar and cuffs. Naturally, she turned it inside so the fur was on her skin! She lay on her back on the chinchilla bedspread but pulled the back of the coat up past her waist so the chinchilla fur as caressing her bottom. Oh God, she thought, this is so wonderful! She closed the front of her coat so that the sheared mink and the huge sable collar pressed against her front. It was not long before she began to become moist in between her legs. Pelze would try to hold back and not climax quickly but some nights, it was impossible. Tonight was one of those nights as her thoughts were on the prospect of having a man in the fur salon. No longer could she hold back and a huge climax erupted! Pelze always sleep wrapped in fur and lying on a fur bedspread. She also had a fur pillow to bury her face deep in the fur.

The next day, as usual, she arrived early at the salon. She liked to make sure all the furs looked their best for sale. Stella would be in a little later and she assumed she would be doing the interview. Stella arrived a short time later. “Good morning Pelze. The salon looks great, thanks! The man who I am to interview should arrive at 11:00. His name is Steve. Would you bring him back to my office for the interview?” “Yes, of course. It is exciting to think of the prospect of having a man in our salon,” she said. “Yes, I feel the same way. Ha, ha, we will have to control ourselves”, she said, laughing. Well, Pelze thought, you may need to control yourself but I certainly won’t. Pelze busied herself around the salon and at 11:00, a man walked into the salon. “Hi, my name is Steve. I am here to interview with Stella”, he said. Pelze immediately checked out Steve. He was not handsome but was attractive. He had blonde hair, a medium build and looked very professional. “Hi, my name is Pelze and welcome to the salon”, she said. She had on a sheared mink stroller with a fox tuxedo and fox cuffs. As she shook hands with Steve, she made sure she lightly caressed his wrist with the fox cuffs. She always did that as kind of a “tease” and see if the person reacted. She did sense that it affected him and she was pleased. “Come with me and I will take you back to Stella’s office."

The thought of having Steve in the fur salon would be good, she thought! She took Steve back to Stella’s office and introduced them. She left and went back out to the salon. As she left, she saw Steve sit down in the chair. Pelze was wondering, in a devious way, what it would be like to see Steve sit in a fur-covered chair and observe his reaction! She had a few at home, by the way. Naughty me, she thought! But it was fun to think of it!

To be continued…

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