Mistress Marah Logo and Wordmark



Of the many different tones
that are incorporated into
rope bondage sessions,
which do you prefer?

To struggle for your life,
to become a work of art,
to be conquered, or
to simply be confined?

My acquired skills
will help you
submit your inhibitions
and remain fully
at my disposal.

The joy it brings Me
to take away your movement
is very much expressed
in My love for this art.


An out of body experience
in the care of an expert
is carthatic and liberating.

Your Mistress begins
light and rhythmically,
craftily mastering
the session's pulse,
and, by the time
the intensity has raised
to the point of lashes,
you will find yourself
in an altered state
— one that is hard
to reach any other way.

The Victor Tella stock
are My preferred tools.
These handmade,
leather whips
are some of the
best in the world.
Lucky you, I own
almost all of them.


What happens when
the lights go out,
movement is gone,
senses are deprived,
and you can only
go inside?

I am your guide
on this journey
into self.

pairs well with
needle play,
electro stimulus,
and hypnosis.


is a subtlely powerful
and profoundly effective tool —
especially when used with repetition.

For over 10 years,
I have taken steps
in perfecting this craft.

The Milton Model,
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP),
and Kappasian Induction Techniques,
are but a few methods
I use to explore your mind.

I'm so fascinated
with manipulating the mind
for our benefit.


We all have the need to give.
Giving soothes the soul.
I will inspire you.

Research shows that
giving makes you
happier and healthier.
Not only this,
giving also builds
your wealth faster
than receiving ever will.

The joy you receive
in giving is priceless.

Discover that joy now.